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These Times

These are very different, somewhat strange times. No one has ever lived through times like these before and you must question if there will ever be another period like this one. At no time in the past have we enjoyed such technological advances combined with homelessness, poverty, and unemployment at the levels we are currently experiencing in this country. Many are despairing over their situations. The truth is, they can figure their way out of their current conditions.

Too many of our friends and family are not working. These are tough times and there is no doubt about it. So many are lamenting the fact that they are out of work and cannot find a job. The sad part of our present malaise is that it is so unnecessary. When it comes to work, there are two schools of thought: First, get a job and work for someone else. Second, start your own business and make your own money.

Here’s the deal – if you are working for someone else or for a company, you are always going to fear for your job. There is always the possibility that the company will fail, it will go out of business, the owner will retire, the business gets sold, downsized, or otherwise closed. Any company could disappear any time for any reason.

On the other hand, if you are working for yourself you will only lose your job if you decide you no longer want to work. That could happen. There are those who run their own companies who have made enough money to live their lives on their own terms and no longer need to work.

Here is the bottom line – if you are working for yourself, you will always have job security. If you are working for someone else or a company, you could be out of work at a moment’s notice.

Here is another consideration. Working for someone else, you are going to make them a lot of money. If you are working for yourself, you will be able to keep a lot more of what you make.

It is all up to you.

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