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Something For Free!

Everyone loves something for free. It is always a curious thing, thinking about how many people around the world read this blog. Hundreds have signed up as subscribers, so of course, my curiosity is triggered. Like many, a percentage of those reading would like something for free.

Who is reading the blog? Where are they? How often do they read? Do they enjoy reading? These are a lot of questions. To get an idea of where the subscribers live while perusing the blog, I will mail a free copy of Psst! Wanna Know A Secret? to the first 10 readers who send their mailing address to joe@psstbook.com on Wednesday, February 22 at high noon.

The date-time stamp on the original email from those first 10 readers will determine who gets a free book. The email needs to be dated no earlier than 12 o’clock Eastern Daylight Time. Look for the books in US Media Mail, which may take up to 10 days for delivery, according to the post office.

If you’re in high school, just starting out in college, or getting out on your first job, this book might help you. If you are still in junior high school, Psst! Wanna Know A Secret? may allow you to lay out a roadmap for your future successes in high school, college, and beyond. Even if you’re in college now, you might find some pretty good ideas concerning how to keep costs down to avoid “the dreaded student loan problem.”

If you’re a parent, or perhaps a grandparent, you may wish to give a copy to anyone in your family who might need a little help in finding their direction. It could aid some youngsters with the course of their lives. It may help them choose a career path for their working lives. You might help them avoid spending too much time working in some job in which they are not happy.

Some young people enjoy working in the restaurant business. Others like the hustle of retail. They can be quite successful and content in these fields, or they may seek something else. This book might give guidance to those still searching.

Regardless of what you do, there are times when you start thinking about doing something else in search of happiness. It’s only natural. Many of us do not wish to work in one particular field for a lifetime. The question really boils down to happiness.

Happiness can be found in any of many occupations, in the trades, or maybe, a few might find their happiness in creating their own jobs as entrepreneurs. That is the true reason for this book. To help young people discover a course in their lives that will make them happy at making their living.

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